*VIBRATES* HAHAH MAN I HATE RUMBELLE THAT PAIRING IS SO DUMB BELLE IS SO DUMB HAHAH HA AH AH *sweats* *sweeps my blog under the carpet* okay I don’t want to get my hopes up BUT I’M SO EXCITED HOLY CRAP. I look forward to your intro to Belle!!!!!

THURSDAY!  That’s when I hope I will reach her by!  And when I expect my Tumblr will turn into a Belle and/or Rumbelle appreciation blog and I can join you in hating them as much as you obviously do!  

Although now I’m scared that after all this I won’t like her.  But that’s not likely to happen… I hope.

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And wife, I have a request. This world is dying and it’s my fault, and I can’t bear it another day. Please, help me. There isn’t another way. ❞

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doctorrsong inquired:

*sidles into your ask* SO. YOU'VE JUST STARTED OUAT HUH. That is exciting I am excited. ;sdlfkd;g (when you reblogged that gifset from me i was like ????cARoLIne??????/ wOT ARE YOU DOIN *runs to read your tags*) I hope you enjoy the show! :)

YES!  I have indeed!  I’m only like 8 episodes in, but I’m enjoying it so far.  And I keep eagerly waiting for Belle to show up because, to be honest, all the Rumbelle posts on my dash are about 80% of the whole reason I’m watching it in the first place!  (The other 20% being Belle’s outfits!)  =D  

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true love’s hug

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                                            If you must leave,
                          Leave as though fire burns under your feet
                                           If you must speak,
                         Speak every word as though it were unique
                                     If you must die, sweetheart
                         Die knowing your life was my life’s best part
                                          And if you must die,
                                          Remember your life

inspired by x

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Why are you always so young?
Nah. That was you.

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